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Local, Independent and family owned.

Smart Hearing Specialists, a locally owned independent clinic, offers affordable, personalized hearing solutions to residents in Bendigo and its adjacent areas leveraging 25+ years of combined experience.


SmartHearing is proudly independent

We have access to the latest premium technology aids from leading manufacturers, we give you unbiased advice for your hearing needs and offer you the most appropriate hearing solutions. We are fully accredited under the Federal Governments Office of Hearing Service, which enable us to provide FREE Hearing services including Fully subsidised Hearing Aids to Pension and Veteran card holders.

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Dedicated services for your hearing care

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Free Hearing Checkups

Approximately 1 in 6 Australians experience hearing loss, which is crucial for a fulfilling life, cognitive function, social skills, safety, and healthy relationships. Join us for a complimentary hearing check.

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Fully Subsidised hearing aids

The program offers subsidized hearing aids and services to eligible Australians, reducing hearing loss impacts.

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Personalized services

Delivering individually focused care throughout your hearing health journey

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Free hearing aid trial

Fully experience how well our hearing aids work, whether you're at home, at work or out and about.

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Premium technologies

We use the latest digital technology to make sure our hearing aids are discrete, smart, comfortable and affordable

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Home Nursing home visits

Hearing care services to support you from the comfort of your own home

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Fully accredited under HSP

Providing hearing services, including free hearing tests & free hearing aids under the Commonwealth Governments HSP

Why Choose Us?

Independent and local

Latest range of premium hearing aids

Personalized services

Qualified and Experienced professionals

Fully accredited HSP provider

Convenient location at Kennington Village Shopping centre with convenient parking

Tailored hearing aid solutions.

Not being owned by, or aligned with any hearing aid manufacturers allows us to offer you the widest range of hearing solutions. By Choosing Smart Hearing to provide your service we guarantee a 100% customer focused experience with an individually tailored hearing program to suit your individual needs


Dedicated to provide the best treatment.

Free hearing checkups

Hearing aid repairs and reprogramming

Hearing Assessment

Worksafe and Industrial hearing check

Video otoscopic ear inspection

Tinnitus Support

Ear wax removal

Hearing protection products

Fully subsidised Hearing aids for pension card and DVA card holders

Home and Nursing home visits available

Hearing aid consultation and fitting

Assistive listening devices

Already have hearing aids?

Already have hearing aids but not getting the best out of them in order to achieve your hearing needs? Getting hearing aids is just one step in achieving your hearing goals. Having your hearing loss checked annually and having your hearing aids cleaned, maintained and adjusted is also important. So, if you already have hearing aids – whether they were fitted through Smart Hearing Specialists or not – we can help ensure you get the best hearing experience out of your hearing aids and keep them in top working order.

Our range of hearing aids

BTE hearing aid


RIC hearing aid


ITE hearing aid


ITC hearing aid


CIC hearing aid


IIC hearing aid


custom charing case for hearing aid

Custom rechargeable hearing aid

hearing charger

Rechargable hearing aid

Range of hearing aids

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Kennington Village Shopping centre.
150-158 Condon Street. Kennington VIC 3550

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